Friday, August 03, 2007

2,300 Chippies Contest # 23

Blogshares provides a wide range of ways to interact with other players, besides the normal buying and selling of shares, ideas, and chips. For direct communication, one can use private messaging in the game, post on the forums, or chat in numerous IRC channels on WyldRyde. This wide range of options allows for all sorts of fun and interesting things, ranging from making complicated deals to corporate gang warfare.

One of the most exciting activities in the Blogshares community recently has been the 2,300 Chippies contests sponsored by Rantz, our Australian friend. He has created a corporation to handle communication with all of the players, and run contests ranging from math puzzles to index improvements.

The latest competition, 23rd in the series, is huge, with logic puzzles, math problems, game play, and of course the number 23 playing roles. Complex submission rules make the game challenging, while questions like “Explain why or how 20880467999847912034355032910567 is both 23 and 32” make it fun. With the bonus of annoying AXA, you’ll have a great time playing along with Rantz and the rest of the 2,300 Chippies Corporation!

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